Obadiah's Ecclesiastical Alliance




Obadiah's Alliance is derived from the mandate that God gave Obadiah in I Kings 18:1-4.  It was his objective to take a hundred  prophets and place them fifty each in a cave. The purpose of this Alliance is to Preserve, Reserve, and Protect those of you who have purpose.



OEA serves as a catalyst for those who have been threatened by

spiritual genocide. The destinies of many are being challenged and lying

in the balance.  OEA will function as a spiritual adoption agency for sons

and daughters, who have been rejected, damaged, broken, abandoned,

and standing in the need of true Apostolic Fatherhood. As we

recruit the next generation, our objective is to: protect, preserve,

reserve, and cover. Future generations must be protected from the

schemes, plots, and plans of the enemy. Our mandate is to preserve

them, as emerging leaders that will be adequately trained to step into

the next level.


Benefits of the Alliance

  • To improve the training needs of pastors and leaders

to assist them as a valuable resource.

  • In addition to corporate and individualized training, OEA will provide

mentorship, customized support, empowerment, and authentic


OEA will provide membership and communication skills


To become member of OEA, you must be the senior pastor of a church that is recognized by your local municipality as a church. The church should have members that extend beyond the pastor's immediate family. The pastor must submit a completed ministerial profile by entering and attaching the information requested below. In addition, please submit the tithe and/or offering from the church's monthly income on our partnership page or Completed Ministerial Profile and first tithe/offering should be mailed to: Terry A. Weems Ministry; P.O. Box 830261 Ocala FL 34483.

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