"This book describes the essence of the transitional process for the next dimension

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This book is a must read. If you have ever been stuck in your life, please purchase this book. It helps you to identify where you are and where you should be in your life.  Identifying with cycles in your life, this will help you to see how to change the cycles that we cater to in our every day lives.                                                                                

By: Pastor Kim


I had the honor of working as one of the editors of this book and upon reading I found it to be both empowering and enlightening.  This book challenges the reader to be lifted out of old habits and ideologies and shift into a new way of thinking and doing.

By: Kindle Customer


Thank you Pastor Weems!  Your book has been a huge blessing and help to a very close minister friend; and she is back on track and going forward in big ways with the ministry God has given her.

Believing for the same thing for myself and another friend.........


Suzi - New York



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